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Welcome to the Wubin Wheat Bin Museum
We hope this website gives you a glimpse into the wonderful history that the museum has to offer.

Our collection of historical items is always growing as the museum expands.

The town of Wubin is a three hour drive north of Perth.


Take a look at the history of grain handling in the wheatbelt region with a visit to the Wubin Wheatbin Museum.

Learn how the wheat was collected and stored in the early days by viewing a collection of photographs and a fascinating display of farming machinery.


Walk around the original 1930s wheatbin where the museum is situated and compare its size and structure to the modern bins that are located next door and are in operation today.


Drive through the region during the months of August or September for a memorable display of vibrant wildflowers. Keep a close watch for the rare and unusual Leschenaultia wreath flower which is famous in the region. Park the car and walk along bush trails to examine the flowers closely and stop at the picturesque Wubin Rocks for a picnic lunch amongst the wildflowers.

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